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Jeremy Lin

Why does the public accept sky-high salaries for sports superstars, but not for superstars of business and finance?

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Published On 9 Mar 2012

The food industry is characterised by market failures that pass external costs on to consumers and to society.

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Published On 11 Feb 2012
stock market

Instead of focusing on increasing economic growth, shouldn’t the focus be on long-term sustainability and durability?

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Published On 7 Jan 2012

Is there a viable option besides capitalism for today’s world? Or is it possible to adjust the system to make it work?

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Published On 6 Dec 2011
Euro coin

The IMF’s former chief economist wonders why the euro is trading at a 40 per cent premium against the US dollar.

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Published On 3 Nov 2011
EU summit

The European Commission’s plan to tax financial transactions might prove counter-productive in the long run.

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Published On 16 Oct 2011

If the IMF does not push for dramatic reforms in the eurozone, its future and Europe’s will be at stake.

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Published On 10 Sep 2011
Foreclosure sign

The global economy is misdiagnosed as being in a “Great Recession”, but the real problem is an overleveraged system.

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Published On 6 Aug 2011