Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold is a freelance journalist based in Myanmar. She writes about human rights and development issues.


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Ahessan [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera]

‘I want the world to put themselves in our shoes – we are humans in the same way that you are humans.’

Published On 14 Sep 2017
Begum, Jaan, 65 [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera]

“I feel like the outside world is supporting us a lot and that makes me feel better. I want everyone to hear our story.”

Published On 13 Sep 2017
Rahimol Rohingya profile

“We want to go home and we want peace. I believe the world is watching our crisis and that they are trying to help us.”

Published On 12 Sep 2017
Rashida Royingya profile

“Bangladeshi people are being very kind, donating clothes and food, but I have not seen any international organisation.”

Published On 11 Sep 2017