Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold is a freelance journalist based in Myanmar. She writes about human rights and development issues.


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‘I don’t want to [re­turn], we will nev­er be safe in Myan­mar, we need to do the best we can here in Bangladesh.’

Published On 18 Sep 2017
do not use [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera]

“I would like the world to help us get our own coun­try back or of­fer us an­oth­er coun­try that we could live in.”

Published On 15 Sep 2017
Noor Kajol Rohingya portrait

‘I want the world to put them­selves in our shoes – we are hu­mans in the same way that you are hu­mans.’

Published On 14 Sep 2017
Ahessan [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera]

“I feel like the out­side world is sup­port­ing us a lot and that makes me feel bet­ter. I want every­one to hear our sto­ry.”

Published On 13 Sep 2017
Begum, Jaan, 65 [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera]

“We want to go home and we want peace. I be­lieve the world is watch­ing our cri­sis and that they are try­ing to help us.”

Published On 12 Sep 2017
Rahimol Rohingya profile

“Bangladeshi peo­ple are be­ing very kind, do­nat­ing clothes and food, but I have not seen any in­ter­na­tion­al or­gan­i­sa­tion.”

Published On 11 Sep 2017
Rashida Royingya profile