Katherine Jacobsen

Katherine Jacobsen


More than 100 people were gunned down in Maidan Square a year ago, but investigations have failed to bring prosecutions.

Published On 26 Mar 2015

Ukraine faces a worsening humanitarian crisis with 100,000 people being internally displaced as the conflict rages on.

Published On 10 Aug 2014

Chocolate magnate and ‘political chameleon’ Petro Poroshenko seems likely to win Ukraine’s presidential elections.

Published On 23 May 2014

Despite successful public relations campaigns, archconservative groups do not fare well in political polls.

Published On 20 May 2014

A vocal minority in Ukraine’s east wants to join Russia, and Kiev has so far been unable to put down the separatists.

Published On 17 Apr 2014

One faction of the Orthodox church is seen as pro-Russian while another sector receives support from Kiev.

Published On 1 Apr 2014

Moscow supporters say ‘reunifying’ will boost Ukraine’s moribund economy, but others denounce ‘fake vote’ in Crimea.

Published On 17 Mar 2014

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine over strategic Sevastopol has begun to affect everyday life in the city.

Published On 10 Mar 2014

Ukraine’s autonomous peninsula has become the focal point of new global geopolitical tensions.

Published On 2 Mar 2014