John Terrett

John Terrett

John Terrett is a Washington DC based correspondent for al Jazeera English


Storage of unidentified remains and entry fees are some of the controversies when New York museum opens to the public.

13 Jul 2014

Authorities worry that criminals will get hold of printing machines and make their own weapons.

2 Jun 2013

Farmers in the US Midwest are once again facing difficulty after their crop is destroyed for the second year in a row.

28 Apr 2013

Guns N’ Races in Texas

Debate over gun control invades the sporting arena as gun lobby sponsors key NASCAR race.

13 Apr 2013

After a long legal battle, Felipe Montes – who was deported to Mexico in 2010 – will be reunited with his three sons.

3 Dec 2012

Crabbing by tablet

Crabbers in the US are replacing traditional means for new ways to log catches

2 Nov 2012