Jill Filipovic

Jill Filipovic

Her writing on law, gender, global health, travel and fashion has appeared in a variety of publications. In addition to her editoral work at Feministe... , she is a weekly columnist at the Guardian. She created AlterNet's Reproductive Justice and Gender section, and worked as an editor at the NYU Journal of Law and Social Change and the NYU Law Alumni Magazine. Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape, the anthology to which she contributed the lead essay, was named one of the best books of 2009 by Publisher's Weekly. 


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If pro-life Re­pub­li­cans want to save lives, they could start with women and chil­dren in the red­dest states.

Opinion by Jill Filipovic
Published On 9 Jul 2013
Opponents of Texas abortion bill protest

The re­stric­tions that pro-lif­ers want for all of us are on dis­play in the case of a woman in El Sal­vador.

Opinion by Jill Filipovic
Published On 9 Jun 2013
Anti-abortionists hold placards during a protest at the

The right of an abuser to own a gun trumps the right of a vic­tim to walk away with her life, ar­gues Fil­ipovic.

Opinion by Jill Filipovic
Published On 20 Mar 2013
Gun shop in wake of Connecticut school shooting

The US is one of the only four na­tions on earth lack­ing a fed­er­al­ly man­dat­ed ma­ter­ni­ty leave, writes Fil­ipovic.

Opinion by Jill Filipovic
Published On 13 Mar 2013
Leonard (ten-month-old) gets his mouth cleaned by mother Veronika Rixom in kitchen in Ismaning