Jane Ferguson

Jane Ferguson

Jane Ferguson is a roving correspondent for Al Jazeera. She has reported extensively from across the Middle East and Africa, including Somalia, Sudan,... Afghanistan, Yemen, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and reports most regularly from Yemen and Somalia. She was one of the first reporters on the ground in Somalia when the 2011 famine was declared, and has covered the conflict there extensively from the frontline of fighting in Mogadishu. In 2012, she was smuggled into the Syrian city of Homs and reported exclusively on the government siege.


The killings are a reminder that the war here extends well beyond the battle field, and into cities, houses and mosques.

Published On 17 Nov 2013

Stroll with commandos

Helicopter assaults, treks in Taliban territory, brushes with wild dogs – a day in the life of Afghan special forces

Published On 8 Aug 2013

Ultra-Orthodox Jews say Torah studies can protect Israel better than an army.

Published On 27 May 2013

Looking back at Al-Nakba

Around five million Palestinians live scattered across the world, mostly children of those displaced.

Published On 15 May 2013