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Piracy on the rise in the region as hijackers commandeer fuel tankers and siphon off precious cargo.

Published On 4 May 2015

Rodrigo Gularte has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but his illness may not stop a 12-man firing squad.

Published On 9 Mar 2015

Conservatives denounce Valentine’s Day for promoting ‘free sex’, but others say it’s just a fact of life.

Published On 15 Feb 2015
Indonesia Valentine''s Day

New social security programmes targeting tens-of-millions of the country’s poorest are the largest in the world.

Published On 24 Nov 2014

Jakarta suffers subsidence rates of up to 17cm a year in some areas, threatening the homes of 4.5 million people.

Published On 10 Nov 2014

Indonesian and Malaysian authorities are keeping a close eye on local supporters of the hard-line Middle East group.

Published On 1 Sep 2014

Cleaners accused of raping kindergarten students at a prestigious Jakarta school shines spotlight on child molestation.

Published On 7 May 2014

Asylum-seeker community in West Java is large enough to easily man an eight-team Afghan football league.

Published On 21 Mar 2014