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Pira­cy on the rise in the re­gion as hi­jack­ers com­man­deer fuel tankers and siphon off pre­cious car­go.

Published On 4 May 2015

Ro­dri­go Gu­larte has been di­ag­nosed with para­noid schiz­o­phre­nia, but his ill­ness may not stop a 12-man fir­ing squad.

Published On 9 Mar 2015

Con­ser­v­a­tives de­nounce Valen­tine’s Day for pro­mot­ing ‘free sex’, but oth­ers say it’s just a fact of life.

Published On 15 Feb 2015
Indonesia Valentine''s Day

New so­cial se­cu­ri­ty pro­grammes tar­get­ing tens-of-mil­lions of the coun­try’s poor­est are the largest in the world.

Published On 24 Nov 2014

Jakar­ta suf­fers sub­si­dence rates of up to 17cm a year in some ar­eas, threat­en­ing the homes of 4.5 mil­lion peo­ple.

Published On 10 Nov 2014

In­done­sian and Malaysian au­thor­i­ties are keep­ing a close eye on lo­cal sup­port­ers of the hard-line Mid­dle East group.

Published On 1 Sep 2014

Clean­ers ac­cused of rap­ing kinder­garten stu­dents at a pres­ti­gious Jakar­ta school shines spot­light on child mo­lesta­tion.

Published On 7 May 2014

Asy­lum-seek­er com­mu­ni­ty in West Java is large enough to eas­i­ly man an eight-team Afghan foot­ball league.

Published On 21 Mar 2014