Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad is Associate Professor of Political Anthropology, Institute for Religion, Politics and Society, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.... He is the author of Islamism and Democracy in India.


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With Zygmunt Bauman’s death, we lost a brilliant sociologist, writer and thinker.

Opinion by Irfan Ahmad
Published On 13 Jan 2017
Zygmunt Bauman dies at 91

Minister in Hindu nationalist BJP government says Muslims are not minority causing controversy on status of community.

Opinion by Irfan Ahmad
Published On 5 Jun 2014

Scholar Irfan Ahmad argues that the Egyptian military staged a coup d’etat that has set democracy back in the nation.

Opinion by Irfan Ahmad
Published On 8 Jul 2013
Egypt''s new President Mursi and Field Marshal Tantawi, head of Egypt''s ruling SCAF, attend a ceremony where the military handed over power to Mursi at a military base in Hikstep

War on terror has not only ‘legitimised’ the killing of millions, but has also silenced a fair discussion about them.

Opinion by Irfan Ahmad
Published On 15 Sep 2012