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Indian Hospital


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We fol­low a young girl who fi­nal­ly re­ceives a new kid­ney and a trainee sur­geon as he as­sists in a dif­fi­cult op­er­a­tion.

Published On 8 Jun 2012
Indian Hospital: moksha the jain monk praying

Dr Shet­ty’s long-term vi­sion is to change not just In­dia’s but the en­tire world’s ap­proach to man­ag­ing health.

Published On 1 Jun 2012
Indian Hospital: image 1.17

Dr Shet­ty is on a mis­sion to re­duce the cost of med­ical care for In­dia’s poor and to em­pow­er the coun­try’s women.

Published On 25 May 2012
Indian Hospital: Navya 2 - the dialysis girl

We fol­low a young girl as she re­alis­es her dream of a new face and a young man suf­fer­ing from mo­tor neu­rone dis­ease.

Published On 15 May 2012
Indian Hospital: image 1.29

We go in­side a hos­pi­tal with a dif­fer­ence, where mak­ing a prof­it and pro­vid­ing free med­ical care goes hand-in-hand.

Published On 4 May 2012
Indian Hospital: image 1.14

We go in­side a hos­pi­tal com­plex as it de­liv­ers high qual­i­ty health­care to rich and poor alike.

Published On 3 May 2012
Indian hospital : 2 Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Complex in Bangalore.