Imtiaz Gul

Imtiaz Gul


Legislator Abd al-Sattar Wazir promised his voters in the South Waziristan border region to fight for their fundamental rights and infrastructure development of the remote and neglected area.

5 Dec 2003

For her rosy cheeks, Sameena’s parents used to call her “rosebud.” However, little could they imagine their rosebud will wither away soon after being married off to a distant relative in the Dir district of Pakistan’s Northwestern Frontier Province (NWFP).

18 Oct 2003

 “I personally conveyed messages to (Indian) Prime Minister AB Vajpayee through every international leader that if Indian troops moved a single step across the international border or Line of Control, they should not expect a conventional war from Pakistan.”

14 Oct 2003

When senior Pakistani and Chinese officials assembled in Islamabad to mark China’s national day on 1 October, the bonhomie on show was understandable.

9 Oct 2003

The deadly ambush that killed a top Pakistani cleric in Islamabad on Monday symbolises the end of a whole generation of zealous Sunni leaders.

8 Oct 2003