Hugh Macleod and Annasofie Flamand

Hugh Macleod and Annasofie Flamand


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Syrian president’s speech about “outlaws” leading a revolt strongly contradicts what activists call peaceful protests.

Published On 20 Jun 2011
bashar al-Assad

Testimonies from defected soldiers give a dramatic insight into the split apparently emerging in the security forces.

Published On 11 Jun 2011
Syrian military

A young man’s account of sadistic torture in a Syrian secret prison, and how a girl’s note helped him through his pain.

Published On 6 Jun 2011
syrian protestors

Secret police are raiding hospitals to round up people who were injured during anti-government protests.

Published On 24 May 2011
protests in Syria

President Assad reaffirms his father’s legacy by quelling dissent with brute force.

Published On 15 May 2011
Torture in Syrian prisons

After years of Kurdish exclusion in Syria by the ruling Baath regime, there is hope for unity and justice once again.

Published On 9 May 2011
Syrian Kurdish exclusion

Residents of town besieged by the army paint picture of chaos fuelled by secret police.

Published On 28 Apr 2011
syria protests deraa

Three doctors reportedly arrrested for treating wounded protesters amid security crackdown.

Published On 26 Apr 2011

At least 221 Syrians have gone missing in past three days of the violent crackdown, a rights group says.

Published On 24 Apr 2011
Abdel Aziz Rihawi