Harriet Martin

Harriet Martin

Harriet Martin is an author and journalist reporting for Al Jazeera from Khartoum. She has been covering Sudan for many years, after researching and a... nd lecturing international peace making in Geneva. She began her career as a war correspondent in Bosnia.


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About 40,000 southerners are stranded in the Sudanese capital as funds for them to go home have run out.

Published On 28 Aug 2013

As donors meet in Doha to discuss aid for the restive region of Sudan, Al Jazeera breaks down the issues at play.

Published On 7 Apr 2013
Doha Darfur conference

Khartoum and Juba have recently started shifting course and implementing a long-delayed peace agreement.

Published On 26 Mar 2013

As talks begin again, Sudan and South Sudan have struggled to implement a peace deal they signed in September.

Published On 16 Dec 2012