Gift Phiri

Gift Phiri


Zimbabwe opposition leader and former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai passed away on Wednesday.

14 Feb 2018

Officials deny any knowledge after gunmen hauled away an opposition supporter who hasn’t been seen since.

18 Mar 2015

As the long-serving president celebrates with a lavish party, Zimbabweans weigh in on his leadership.

28 Feb 2015

Will controversial president use new AU chairmanship to demonstrate good statesmanship or self-aggrandisement?

29 Jan 2015

Pervasive bribe-seeking police checkpoints hinder travellers on the roads to Zimbabwe’s famous tourist spots.

14 Jan 2015

After purging ‘treacherous cabal’, former security head ‘Crocodile’ takes over as Mugabe’s right-hand man.

12 Dec 2014

Vice President Mujuru’s committee ouster signals factional power-play as president’s 91st birthday approaches.

27 Nov 2014

Zimbabwe’s leader given rotating chairmanship of 15-member nation bloc a year after he won disputed presidential polls.

19 Aug 2014

About 3,000 mothers die every year while giving birth, due largely to lack of access to quality healthcare.

9 Feb 2014