Galip Dalay

Galip Dalay

Galip Dalay is an IPC-Mercator Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) and non-resident fellow at the Brookings In... stitution, Doha Center. Dalay is also with History Faculty at the University of Oxford.


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Russia, Turkey and Iran triple negotiations on Syrian conflict

Despite the fall of Aleppo and the Russian-Turkish-Iranian diplomatic drive, the Syrian war is not about to end soon.

opinion by Galip Dalay
Published On 23 Dec 2016
China G20 Hangzhou Summit 2016

Can relations between the EU and Turkey be mended?

opinion by Galip Dalay
Published On 7 Dec 2016
Supporters of Tukish President Erdogan take a sefie with an armored vehicle in front of Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

When people of all persuasions stood against it, they turned a dark night into a bright morning for Turkish democracy.

opinion by Galip Dalay
Published On 16 Jul 2016