Fragkiska Megaloudi

Fragkiska Megaloudi


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More than one million Nigerians have been forced to flee their homes since the rise of the hard-line fighters.

Published On 6 May 2015
Boko Haram Victims

As Greece goes to the polls, one major election issue is rising anti-immigrant sentiment.

Published On 25 Jan 2015
Greece Syrians

A look at the changing face of North Korea, three years after the death of ‘Dear Leader’.

Published On 18 Dec 2014

As the life of an anarchist hunger-striker slips away, the Greek government refuses to compromise on his education.

Published On 10 Dec 2014

Pyongyang has been transformed with an influx of high-end goods, but most North Koreans still live in poverty.

Published On 13 May 2014

Cuts to the social safety net in Greece mean the sick and addicted often can’t get the help they need.

Published On 21 Feb 2014