Flora Sonkin

Flora Sonkin

Flora Sonkin is a Policy Researcher at Society for International Development (SID). Her current research focuses on the intersections between global e... conomic governance, social and economic justice, human rights and inequalities. She has worked to support civil society engagement and advocacy at UN processes such as Financing for Development, the UN Committee on World Food Security, as well as at the Bretton Woods Institutions. Flora holds a Master of Science in International Development Studies with a specialisation in Rural Sociology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.


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The Busi­ness En­abling En­vi­ron­ment Pro­ject is noth­ing but a re­brand­ing of the dis­cred­it­ed Do­ing Busi­ness re­port.

Opinion by Chiara Mariotti and Flora Sonkin and Bhumika Muchhala
Published On 10 Apr 2022
A view of the World Bank building in Washington, DC