Fares Akram

Fares Akram


The new school year will be delayed indefinitely in Gaza, as more than 380,000 Palestinians remain displaced.

20 Aug 2014

Monkeys, ostriches, and eagles are among the many animals killed in Israeli bombings at a zoo in northern Gaza.

15 Aug 2014

Families in Gaza are scared to go home, after Israel said it was withdrawing ground troops from areas in the north.

3 Aug 2014

Gaza health ministry says death toll from 19 days of Israeli offensive has hit 1,032 as ceasefire broken with mortars.

26 Jul 2014

Seventy-two people have been killed in Shujayea, east of Gaza, in the heaviest barrage of Israel’s ground assault.

21 Jul 2014

Short five-hour pause in fighting has ended as Palestinians brace for what comes next in the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

17 Jul 2014

Palestinians told to evacuate their homes as the Israeli offensive claims more than 200 people and injures 1500 others.

16 Jul 2014