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Elizabeth Whitman


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Amid Syr­i­an refugee in­flux, Jor­dan is fac­ing a co­nun­drum over how to sup­port its own im­pov­er­ished res­i­dents.

Published On 12 Dec 2014

En­forc­ing a ban on argileh, or shisha, re-ig­nites the smok­ing de­bate in Am­man’s cafe cul­ture.

Published On 14 Feb 2014

A med­ical-hu­man­i­tar­i­an team strug­gles to pro­vide care to Jor­dan’s wide­spread Syr­i­an refugee com­mu­ni­ties.

Published On 26 Jan 2014

Chi­na has rec­i­p­ro­cat­ed Jor­dan’s in­ter­est, see­ing it as a sta­ble gate­way into Mid­dle East­ern mar­kets.

Published On 4 Dec 2013

Thou­sands flee­ing war in Syr­ia have com­pound­ed short­ages.

Published On 30 May 2013
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