Elizabeth Gorman

Elizabeth Gorman


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Rio’s ‘paci­fi­ca­tion’ pro­gramme in the spot­light as po­lice killings con­tin­ue dur­ing the World Cup.

Published On 26 Jun 2014

Only of­fi­cial ven­dors or peo­ple au­tho­rised by FIFA can sell prod­ucts around World Cup sta­di­ums, caus­ing lo­cal anger.

Published On 15 Jun 2014

Since the mil­i­tary’s ‘paci­fi­ca­tion’ in Rio de Janeiro, com­mer­cial tourism of down­trod­den ar­eas has ex­plod­ed.

Published On 12 Jun 2014

Rio de Janeiro favela hosts Peo­ple’s Cup for com­mu­ni­ties af­fect­ed by FIFA re­stric­tions, evic­tions and home de­mo­li­tions.

Published On 3 Jun 2014

For­mer se­cu­ri­ty con­trac­tor uses a web fo­rum to sup­port an in­de­pen­dent re­port lam­bast­ing US gov­ern­ment snoop­ing.

Published On 24 Jan 2014