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Bu­run­di is one in a string of sub-Sa­ha­ran coun­tries where anti-gov­ern­ment demon­stra­tions have re­cent­ly tak­en hold.

Published On 1 Jun 2015
Protesters run in a street of Kinshasa

Com­pen­sa­tion was paid for the dev­as­tat­ing 2008 spills that soaked the delta, but clean-up hasn’t be­gun six years lat­er.

Published On 4 May 2015
oil spill

Nige­ri­ans are flood­ing home for Sat­ur­day’s vote, but fears of vi­o­lence grow amid the too-close-to-call elec­tion.

Published On 27 Mar 2015

Re­cent pub­lic polls show an elec­tion too close to call with each par­ty com­mand­ing about 42 per­cent of the vote.

Published On 16 Feb 2015
Nigeria election

Un­der-equipped and de­mor­alised, army fails to pro­tect north­ern­ers against in­ten­si­fied Boko Haram at­tacks.

Published On 28 Jan 2015
Nigeria army