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Economic slide and stubbornly low crude oil prices puts in question China’s planned ‘golden age of gas’.

Published On 2 Jun 2015

The United States hopes to mediate China’s dispute with Japan over the East China Sea.

Published On 5 Dec 2013

Experts say the country’s efforts to use coal in synthetic gas production is likely to cause an ecological disaster.

Published On 28 Nov 2013

Stalled decade-long negotiations with Russia have led China to go energy shopping around the Caspian Sea.

Published On 10 Oct 2013

State-owned media has attacked the core of the tech giant, worrying other foreign companies operating in the country.

Published On 12 Apr 2013
Apple issues apology in China over service policies

Launch of new weekly is latest in Beijing’s efforts to make inroads into continent with significant business interests.

Published On 24 Jan 2013
China Daily newspaper