Coen van de Ven

Coen van de Ven

Coen van de Ven is a political journalist covering a variety of topics; from the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars to the refugee crisis in Greece and th... e increased tensions between Russia and Western Europe. Coen is always there where politics influences daily life. Always with a pen, sometimes with a camera.


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And has the far-right politi­cian man­aged to steer the coun­try in his own na­tion­al­ist di­rec­tion with­out be­ing in pow­er?

Published On 13 Mar 2017
Dutch national elections - Geert Wilders

The war be­tween Croa­t­ia and Ser­bia may be over but in one town a new gen­er­a­tion has in­her­it­ed the di­vi­sions of the past.

Published On 20 Nov 2015
New Photo - Please do not use - Massacre