Chris Arsenault

Chris Arsenault

Chris Arsenault is a senior online producer with Al Jazeera English specialising in Latin America, natural resources and environmental conflict. He ha... s held the Wolfson Press Fellowship at Cambridge University, The Phil Lind Fellowship at the University of British Columbia and has reported from: Venezuela, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Jordan, the US, Guatemala, Canada and Brazil. Follow @AJEChris //


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The icon­ic leader known as El Jefe out­last­ed 10 US pres­i­dents and, for bet­ter or worse, trans­formed Cuba.

Published On 26 Nov 2016
Fidel Castro at party congress

Rain­fall has dropped by 30 per­cent since 1998 in the West African coun­try, leav­ing near­ly 2 mil­lion in need of food aid.

Published On 27 Apr 2015
Mali desert

Eu­ro­pean tax­pay­er funds save Cana­di­an Con­go plan­ta­tion pay­ing work­ers $1 a day, as back­ers say the move cre­ates jobs.

Published On 14 Nov 2014

An es­ti­mat­ed 1.3 bil­lion tonnes of food is lost or wast­ed an­nu­al­ly as 800 mil­lion peo­ple go hun­gry.

Published On 31 Oct 2014

Sun­day’s runoff pres­i­den­tial vote could spark a re­turn to out­right con­flict that has claimed 215,000 lives.

Published On 13 Jun 2014

‘Colom­bia: The only dan­ger is want­i­ng to stay,’ tourism pro­mot­ers say, chal­leng­ing stereo­types of drugs and vi­o­lence.

Published On 7 Jun 2014

Land­mines con­tin­ue to blight rur­al ar­eas in Colom­bia fol­low­ing years of con­flict, but calm is re­turn­ing to some re­gions.

Published On 2 Jun 2014

De­spite deep in­equal­i­ty and South Amer­i­ca’s left­ward tilt, Colom­bia’s vot­ers con­sis­tent­ly favour con­ser­v­a­tives.

Published On 26 May 2014