Chris Arsenault

Chris Arsenault

Chris Arsenault is a senior online producer with Al Jazeera English specialising in Latin America, natural resources and environmental conflict. He ha... s held the Wolfson Press Fellowship at Cambridge University, The Phil Lind Fellowship at the University of British Columbia and has reported from: Venezuela, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Jordan, the US, Guatemala, Canada and Brazil. Follow @AJEChris //


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The iconic leader known as El Jefe outlasted 10 US presidents and, for better or worse, transformed Cuba.

Published On 26 Nov 2016
Fidel Castro at party congress

Rainfall has dropped by 30 percent since 1998 in the West African country, leaving nearly 2 million in need of food aid.

Published On 27 Apr 2015
Mali desert

European taxpayer funds save Canadian Congo plantation paying workers $1 a day, as backers say the move creates jobs.

Published On 14 Nov 2014

An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted annually as 800 million people go hungry.

Published On 31 Oct 2014

Sunday’s runoff presidential vote could spark a return to outright conflict that has claimed 215,000 lives.

Published On 13 Jun 2014

‘Colombia: The only danger is wanting to stay,’ tourism promoters say, challenging stereotypes of drugs and violence.

Published On 7 Jun 2014

Landmines continue to blight rural areas in Colombia following years of conflict, but calm is returning to some regions.

Published On 2 Jun 2014

Despite deep inequality and South America’s leftward tilt, Colombia’s voters consistently favour conservatives.

Published On 26 May 2014