Caroline Hellyer

Caroline Hellyer


Military operations aside, governments are seeking to counteract the growing appeal of violent groups at its roots.

21 May 2015

Recent ISIL communications show attempts to secure influence in East Africa – the stronghold of al-Shabab and al-Qaeda.

23 Mar 2015

Using old Soviet connections, Uganda and Russia sealed an energy deal – the latest in a string of Moscow moves.

10 Mar 2015

With surrender deadline expired, MONUSCO and Congolese army readies military operation against Hutu guerrillas.

16 Jan 2015

A series of deadly attacks have been linked to discontent in DR Congo’s resource-rich Katanga province.

2 Jan 2014

The Congolese army defeated the M23 fighters but their next target, Ugandan group ADF-NALU is a different challenge.

24 Dec 2013