Camille Elhassani

Camille Elhassani

"Camille Elhassani has covered Washington during three US presidents, and helped lead AJE’s coverage of Barack Obama's 2008 election. Before joining A... l Jazeera in 2006, she was news director and advisor to Al Iraqiya TV in Baghdad. Camille has travelled across the United States producing features on the American heartland. She studied Political Science and Music and has received a Peabody and a DuPont Award for her work. "


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Man­ning’s de­fence lawyer ends his open­ing state­ment by say­ing his client was “young, naïve, but good in­ten­tioned”.

Published On 3 Jun 2013

Judge ap­point­ed in­di­cates she does not want the tri­al of Bradley Man­ning to turn into a de­bate about for­eign pol­i­cy.

Published On 2 Jun 2013

Both of­fi­cials and lawyers agree that on­go­ing hunger strike may be linked to lack of progress in clos­ing the prison.

Published On 27 Apr 2013

Ker­ry’s new job

US Sec­re­tary of State John Ker­ry has com­plet­ed the first week in his new job.

Published On 9 Feb 2013

US plans aid in­crease

The Unit­ed States push­es for greater ac­cess to dis­trib­ute hu­man­i­tar­i­an aid to Syr­i­ans dis­placed by the fight­ing.

Published On 8 Feb 2013

Army judge grants sen­tence cred­it af­ter brig staff re­fused rec­om­men­da­tion from men­tal health pro­fes­sion­als.

Published On 9 Jan 2013

Man­ning takes the stand

US Army Pri­vate First Class tells a judge he was mis­treat­ed at Ma­rine Corps Base Quan­ti­co.

Published On 30 Nov 2012