Benedict Moran

Benedict Moran

Benedict Moran is a producer for Al Jazeera English in New York and at the United Nations


Mali: After the French

Remaining insecurity in city of Gao calls into question the ability of the former colonial power to leave the country.

12 Feb 2013

Why the peace deal flopped

Talks have broken down at African Union summit in Ethiopia on plans to solve crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

28 Jan 2013

A Dark Day in Turtle Bay

The Syria vote marked the end of an intense period of diplomacy geared towards achieving Security Council unity.

21 Jul 2012

Weighing up UN’s options

The UN Security Council agree on a new mission to Syria but remain divided over the mandate.

12 Jul 2012

Mild agreements discussed at the Rio de Janeiro summit are seen by many as mere procrastination to avoid making difficult decisions.

21 Jun 2012

The language of war

Labelling violence in Syria as civil war would have repercussions: the law of war would apply to both government and opposition fighters.

14 Jun 2012