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As dis­placed So­ma­lis flee con­flict and star­va­tion, the cri­sis in Mo­gadishu con­tin­ues to deep­en.

Published On 19 Jan 2012
Darawish camp view

Cli­mate change is caus­ing dev­as­tat­ing droughts across East Africa – lead­ing to an end of the pas­toral way of life.

Published On 22 Jun 2011

A unique project helps Afghan women writ­ers find their voic­es amid in­sta­bil­i­ty.

Published On 15 Feb 2011
Afghan poll

How a trade deal be­ing bro­kered be­tween Eu­rope and In­dia could cut off the de­vel­op­ing world’s sup­ply of cheap med­i­cines.

Published On 24 Nov 2010
Aids Africa

Wik­iLeak doc­u­ments show how al-Qae­da only gained in­flu­ence in the coun­try af­ter the US over­threw Sad­dam’s gov­ern­ment.

Published On 26 Oct 2010
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi