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Niger food crisis 2

As conference on hunger opens in London, thousands die in the African country, moving from one crisis to the next.

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Published On 12 Aug 2012
Darawish camp view

As displaced Somalis flee conflict and starvation, the crisis in Mogadishu continues to deepen.

Published On 19 Jan 2012

Climate change is causing devastating droughts across East Africa – leading to an end of the pastoral way of life.

Published On 22 Jun 2011
Afghan poll

A unique project helps Afghan women writers find their voices amid instability.

Published On 15 Feb 2011

An official user guide to the secret network from which the documents were taken shows leaks becoming ‘easier’.

Published On 28 Nov 2010
Aids Africa

How a trade deal being brokered between Europe and India could cut off the developing world’s supply of cheap medicines.

Published On 24 Nov 2010
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

WikiLeak documents show how al-Qaeda only gained influence in the country after the US overthrew Saddam’s government.

Published On 26 Oct 2010