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Al Jazeera Correspondent


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Cameraman Ben Emery shares highlights from his four years working on the Al Jazeera Correspondent series.

Published On 9 Dec 2014

Filmmaker and producer Lynn Ferguson gives an insight into the making of an Al Jazeera Correspondent episode.

Published On 5 Dec 2014

A personal look at one woman’s decision to freeze her eggs and the medical and financial implications of the procedure.

Published On 5 Dec 2014

Al Jazeera journalists recount the personal journeys that lay the foundations for their films.

Published On 2 Dec 2014

Through the story of one immigrant family, we explore the evolution of racism and migration in the US.

Published On 2 Dec 2014

Al Jazeera’s Matthew Cassel examines why so many American Jews defend Israeli policies regardless of the issue or cost.

Published On 11 May 2014

Al Jazeera’s Andy Richardson asks why people run, as he prepares for his first marathon… in the Antarctic.

Published On 23 Jan 2014

Richard Donovan, a multiple polar marathoner, on what motivates people to run long distances in extreme conditions.

Published On 15 Dec 2013