Abid Ali

Abid Ali

Abid Ali has two decades of experience covering global business and economics. Before joining Al Jazeera as business editor in 2008, he edited and co... pyedited business news at CNN - both on air and online. He has also covered markets and big industry as a reporter for Bloomberg News.


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Decision could jeopardise China’s chances of seeing the yuan become a global reserve currency.

Published On 11 Aug 2015
China moves to devalue its currency the Yuan

Ghassan Chehayeb, the founder of Sancta Capital, speaks to Abid Ali about King Abdullah’s economic legacy.

Published On 23 Jan 2015
Saudi oil fields

Russia’s central bank failed to kick start the economy, and Russia’s people will pay a heavy price.

Published On 11 Jan 2015

Blog: The Cyprus solution

Off the island’s shores lies what looks like 60 trillion cubic feet of gas, which could mean the end of its troubles.

Published On 18 Mar 2013