Barca lose Messi

Spanish champions Barcelona have been dealt a major blow to their title and Champions League aspirations with the news that star forward Lionel Messi will be out for three months after injuring his foot in the league game against Real Zaragoza on Sunday.

    The long walk for Lionel Messi

    The Argentinean broke a bone in his foot with an eighth minute tackle, but was not replaced for a further 15 minutes after another blow to the area.

    The news adds to Barcelona's injury woes as they are also without striker Samuel Eto'o who is sidelined with a knee injury, while Brazilian midfielder Edmilson was also injured against Zaragoza and will be out for around 10 days.

    Barcelona's 3-1 victory against Zaragoza move the Catalans back to the top of the Primera Liga with a one point gap over second placed Sevilla.



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