Gaining international recognition

Al Jazeera's unique coverage, in particular its independent and objective focus on pan-Arabic issues, has been rewarded by increasing popularity and it now has an estimated 50 million viewers worldwide. Broadcasting 24 hours a day from some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones,

    Al Jazeera is one of the world's most recognisable brands



    The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought in Berlin confers on Al Jazeera the Ibn Rushd Award for media and journalism.




    In November, Al Jazeera is recognised as the best brand by Gulf Marketing Review and received the award for Gulf Brand of the Decade.


    Al Jazeera channel also receives the 2003 Brand of the Year Award from Interbrand.




    In October, Al Jazeera's website is recognised by Politics Online as being among the 10 that is most changing politics.

  is also nominated for a Webby Award in the best news website category.


    Readers of vote Al Jazeera the fifth-most influential global brand




    Al Jazeera is named as the number one TV brand in the GCC at "Datamatix" GCC national brand awards.


    In November, Al Jazeera is commended by Index on Censorship for its "courage in circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world".




    Al Jazeera is given the Middle East Publishing Conference's lifetime award for online publishers.


    Al Jazeera's conflict coverage
    attracts extra viewers

    Brandchannel again recognises Al Jazeera's success, this time as the leading brand among media networks worldwide.


    Al Jazeera is also named the "celebrated TV channel of the year" at the Digital Studio Industry Leadership Awards.




    Various surveys conducted worldwide have found Al Jazeera to be considered one of the most controversial Arabic news channels as well as one of the leading global networks.

    According to research conducted by the Dubai-based Pan Arab Research Centre in 2002, more than 35 million viewers in the Arab Middle East tune in daily to Al Jazeera.

    That figure increasing siginificantly during times of war and conflict. In Europe, where Al Jazeera uses the Sky platform, subscription rose by 100 per cent to eight million within a week of the breakout of hostilities against Iraq in March 2003.


    In North America, where the market is dominated by cable rather than satellite service providers, it is estimated that Al Jazeera is received by more than 200,000 Arab households.


    A survey by the Washington Post in October 2004, found that out of 120 international TV channels received in the Middle East, Al Jazeera was the most popular, with 51.7 per cent of viewers naming it their news source of choice.


    The Arab Marketing Magazine said that 21.5 per cent of viewers in the UAE prefer to watch Al Jazeera over other channels.


    In September 2004, the Amman-based Arab Advisers Group said that Al Jazeera is the number one news channel for Arab satellite TV viewers in Saudi Arabia.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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