Japan to bring own beds to Doha

The expected accommodation crisis at the Doha Asian Games has slipped further into farce with the Japanese delegation considering bringing in air beds to share rooms.

    Let's hope Orry doesn't need to get some sleep

    The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) has filed a protest to the organizers of the December 1 to 15 Asian Games.

    "We are asking the Japanese embassy and local Japanese companies to help find us accommodation," JOC president Tsunekazu Takeda said.
    "Some of us must be prepared to sleep in the living rooms of apartments at the athletes' village," he told a meeting of the JOC executive board, which was open to the press.
    The Doha Asian Games organizing committee has informed the JOC that they will be able to provide only 693 beds for the 811-strong Japanese delegation including 628 athletes.
    The fact that there aren’t enough beds becomes more unbelievable when one considers that the Japanese squad is 30 fewer than that which took part of 2002 games in Busan, Korea.
    Japan finished the 2002 Asian Games with 44 gold medals.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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