Comments: The American mid-term elections

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sandy Shank's editorial The American mid-term elections.

    Frankly I do not think the US will attack Iran or North Korea or anyone else unless or until it can be proven that one of these regimes has armed a terrorist organization with nuclear weapons.

    Mitchell, US


    US foreign policy is not going to change whether there are more democrats in congress or not. Iran for one has shown that they do not plan on changing their stance and must be dealt with accordingly. The current administration is merely letting them hang themselves with unprovoked rhetoric and obvious defiance to the international community.
    Ken Pace, US


    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Shanks speculation that a US House of Representatives controlled by the Democratic Party would move to impeach President Bush. Most Democrats in the present Congress voted to allow the President the wide latitude of response to terrorism that has given rise to the actions that would constitute a bill of impeachment. Democrats are accessories to Mr Bush's actions.
    Peter Gormley, US


    Any attack on Iran will happen after the election (not before), and the reason is; it will not be remembered in two years - no matter what the consequences.  Besides, Bush is not running again, and could care less what happens after he leaves office.
    Tom B, US 

    Bush is dong the best he possibly can. If he did not send troops to bomb Iraq the people would also have hated him for it. At least he is not having his people killed, some Presidents do. The American people should give the poor guy a brake, He is trying.
    Blaine, US

    Indeed, President Bush and the current administration have their problems, though I think it highly unlikely to anticipate widespread military mutiny. Further, a Democratic House and Senate may level the playing field and offer a more balanced check of the powers, but impeachment is a long shot.
    Timmy from US

    Political parties do not "seize" control as they would in a coup in the Middle East. They are elected. The party in control currently (and the President) was elected by the voters who tend to agree with it more than the other party.
    Herman, US

    As far as I am concerned the worst thing to happen to the US in recent history was the re-election of Bush. I say re-election and not election because while knowing the mistakes he has made a large portion of the country chose to keep him in office.
    Brian, US

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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