O'Neal sets up shop

US Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal has unveiled his newest project, a American real estate form with nationwide plans.

    O'Neal: as an empire as big as his shoe size

    The O'Neal Group is eying projects and properties around the United States, the first of them being a joint venture which compromises of a three-tower complex in downtown Miami with 1,100 condominiums, a hotel, office and entertainment area.

    The 34 year old already has a real estate portfolio worth more than $50 million as well as a five year NBA contract worth $100 million with the Miami Heat through to the 2009-2010 season.

    "This is not only a real estate deal," O'Neal said. "We want people to live how they want to live."
    The former Los Angeles Laker said he was inspired by former Detroit Pistons star Dave Bing, whose steel, manufacturing and construction firm helped raise money for city schools.
    "After playing basketball, he did great things for the city of Detroit," O'Neal said.



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