Kim il Jong treats women footballers

North Korean state media has reported that leader Kim Jong-il lavished the victorious women's under-20 football team with luxury cars and apartments after the won the recent world championships.

    Generous to some and apparently the winning ingredient: Kim il Jong

    The side won the final with a 5-0 hammering of China in Moscow.
    "Kim Jong-il bestowed high honour upon (the) young women footballers and presented them with such gifts which they would hand down through generations as deluxe cars and buses and flats," said the state-run news agency KCNA.

    North Korea's sycophantic media gave much of the credit for the victory to Kim himself for instilling a sense of "courage" into the players while KCNA strangely described the triumph as an "ideological" victory.

    The players demonstrated their "transparent spirit of devotedly defending the leader (Kim)," proclaimed the KCNA, as well as the "spirit of defending the country and the spirit of waging dynamic ideological and fighting spirit battles."
    Despite the country being affected by widespread hunger and malnutrition, it remains common practice to reward victorious athletes with expensive gifts.



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