Ellis out, Villa get Randy

After increasing his shareholding in English Premier League club Aston Villa to almost 90 percent, American billionaire Randy Lerner is the new chairman of the midlands club with former chairman Doug Ellis stepping down on Tuesday.

    New Aston Villa chairman Randy Lerner

    Aston Villa released a statement to the Stock Exchange confirming that Ellis was resigning from the board along with four other directors, and that four new board members had been installed.


    "Aston Villa is pleased to announce the appointment of Randolph Lerner as Chairman and General Charles C. Krulak, Bob Kain and Michael Martin as new Non-Executive Directors. The appointments are effective from today," the statement read.


    Lerner is the owner of NFL American football club the Cleveland Browns and although his first football team hasn’t had much recent on-field success, he hopes to make Villa one of the top clubs in England now that he is in charge.


    82 year old Ellis had held the club's top position since 1982 and will now become the club's honorary president.


    The much maligned Ellis, nicknamed "Deadly Doug" by disgruntled Villa fans, won't be missed by supporters of the Birmingham-based club as they look to a bright future and fresh direction with a new chairman at the helm.


    The expected cash injection from Lerner combined with the appointment of new manager Martin O'Neill may indeed return Villa to the glory days experienced by the club in the early 1980's.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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