Europe have one hand on Ryder Cup

Europe require just 4.5 points from the 12 singles matches on Sunday to retain the Ryder Cup as they won all four sessions over the USA on the first two days of play at the K Club in Straffan, Ireland.

    Paul Casey gets pumped up on the way to another win

    Spaniard Sergio Garcia has led the way for the Europeans winning four out of four of his matches, while England's Paul Casey hit a hole-in-one on the 213-yard 14th during his dominating 5 and 4 foursomes win with partner David Howell over Americans Stewart Cink and Zach  Johnson.


    Casey, who won the $1.9 million World Matchplay title at Wentworth in Surrey last week, ignored the advice from team captain Ian Woosnam on what club to play at the 14th hole, choosing to hit a four-iron instead.


    "Woosie (Woosnam) did tell me what the guys hit in front of  me, so I picked a different club because I didn't think he was right and it was obviously the perfect club in the end," said Casey.


    However, the Englishman stressed that a Ryder Cup victory was more important to him than his massive pay day from the previous week and the match winning ace.


    "What would mean more to me is if the team go out there and win the singles," Casey said.


    "Last week was very special and what we play is an individual sport. But every so often we get to bond as a team and come together as a team, and what you guys don't see behind closed doors is a lot of people coming together as one big happy family.


    "So it would be great if we go out there and accomplish something that we have set out to try and do."


    Sensational Sergio


    Meanwhile, Garcia's weekend went from strength to strength as he added to his two wins on Friday when teaming up with compatriot Jose Maria Olazabal to defeat Phil Mickelson and Chris DiMarco 3 and 2 in the Saturday morning fourballs, and then backed up with England's Luke Donald to beat Mickelson and David Toms 2 and 1 in the afternoon foursomes.


    Luke Donald (L) and Sergio Garcia
    (R) win another point for Europe

    "Sergio's got a big heart. He's just determined to go there and win for himself and win for the team," said team captain Woosnam.


    "If you look at Garcia, he's glowing when he's playing together with someone else," added Europe team mate Robert Karlsson.


    "He just loves this competition," added the Swede.


    In contrast, the American big guns Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk and Mickelson have had an indifferent weekend as they struggle to come to terms with the K Club course and the at times inclement weather.


    "I need to get my point tomorrow and the rest of the guys need to do the same," Woods said on Saturday.


    "The Europeans are playing great and they are not going to give it to us. We need to go out there and beat them."


    The singles match-ups for the final day's play in the 36th Ryder Cup are:


    (US players listed first)


    David Toms v Colin Montgomerie

    Stewart Cink v Sergio Garcia

    Jim Furyk v Paul Casey

    Tiger Woods v Robert Karlsson

    Chad Campbell v Luke Donald

    JJ Henry v Paul McGinley

    Zach Johnson v Darren Clarke

    Vaughn Taylor v Henrik Stenson

    Brett Wetterich v David Howell

    Phil Mickelson v Jose Maria Olazabal

    Chris DiMarco v Lee Westwood

    Scott Verplank v Padraig Harrington

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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