El Masri added to Kangaroos squad

Lebanese born winger Hazem El Masri has been added to the Australian Rugby League train on squad for next month's Tri-Nations series against New Zealand and Britain.

    The diminutive winger who has scored more than 1,800 points in his 10 years for the club was one of six Bulldog players added to the squad after the club's elimination from the NRL finals series last Friday.

    The other Bulldogs called in to the squad were Willie Mason, Mark O'Meley, Reni Maitua, Nate Myles and Andrew Ryan.

    It was a justified selection for the Tripoli born player who has had an incredibly consistent career and been widely viewed a tremendous role model for Australia's Lebanese and Muslim youth.

    Australia and New Zealand open the Tri-Nations series in Auckland on October 14.
    The train-on squad is: Willie Mason, Mark OMeley, Reni Maitua,  Nate Myles, Andrew Ryan, Hazem El Masri (Canterbury), Mark Gasnier,  Matt Cooper, Ben Hornby, Luke Bailey and Ben Creagh (St George  Illawarra), Steve Menzies, Brett Stewart, Steven Bell, Matt Orford,  Brent Kite (Manly), Steve Simpson, Kurt Gidley (Newcastle), Nathan  Hindmarsh, Eric Grothe, Jarryd Hayne (Parramatta), Luke O'Donnell,  Johnathan Thurston, Carl Webb (North Queensland), Steven Price (NZ  Warriors), Craig Gower, Luke Priddis, Craig Stapleton, Trent  Waterhouse, Rhys Wesser (Penrith), Paul Gallen (Cronulla), Craig  Fitzgibbon, Chris Flannery, Amos Roberts, Anthony Tupou (Sydney  Roosters), Nathan Merritt (South Sydney), Robbie Farah, Scott Prince  (Wests Tigers).



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