Your comments: The pope's speech

A selection of comments sent to us in response to the pope's speech and the reaction to it.

    The pope's speech has outraged many in the Muslim world

    Could you all maybe do a story covering the irony that due to the pope's "regrettable" misunderstanding of Islam, churches in Palestine are fire bombed by Muslims? Isn't it a little ironic that Muslims are in an uproar about people thinking they are violent and to answer that they cause violence? Where does it end?

    Jason, US

    I found the quotation inappropriate. However, the fact that whenever Islam is criticised there are these protests, arson attacks and incitements to murder doesn't quite convince me of Islam's peacefulness.

    Chris Conrad, Germany

    Personally, I have no love of the Catholic faith, nor of any of man's corruption of God's message to man. However, having read

    the speech

    , I don't understand what the problem is, he spoke against violence for all religions and called for greater dialogue.

    Tim Stokes, UK

    How many Muslims have reacted to the sectarian violence in Iraq, where Shia and Sunnis kill each other? Why the silence and when someone issues a statement they find displeasing, they get angry?

    Stephen Hall, Qatar

    The pope, and indeed much of Europe, should be the last people on earth to criticise the Muslim world especially in light of the millions who perished for the sake of "the cross". The world needs a history lesson!


    This shows the ignorance of the pope and I want Muslims to know that not all Christians bow to him nor do we think as he does.

    Shirley Peterson, Canada

    The pope's thesis is clear: Violence in the name of religion [any religion] is wrong! The pope may have misunderstood the place of the Prophet in Islam [peace be upon him], which is contrary to a Christian view of a prophet, where such reverence is reserved for God alone. But let's engage with this invitation to stamp on men of violence and their evil ways! May Allah grant us peace.

    Phil, UK

    I think it's time for Muslims across the globe to stop crying wolf any time someone criticises their beliefs.

    Ache, UK

    How come when a cartoon is drawn or someone makes insulting comments the Ummah rallies and condemns these things; but daily slaughters of Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Iraq etc go unanswered?

    A dead child is more insulting to me than ignorant words. Who cares what the pope says?

    Andrew Yusuf, US

    The pope makes reference to a 14th-century Christian emperor who said that Prophet Muhammad had brought the world "evil and inhuman" things.

    Do the homework. Muhammad did bring "evil and inhuman" things. As did the Catholic Church during those times. So what? That was then, this is now.

    Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist...

    Who cares? Everyone needs to calm down. Let their neighbour practise whatever his or her religion is, and just ignore what others say.

    My wife is Catholic. I'm Protestant. The family across the street are Muslim. My son is best friends with their son. We respect each other's beliefs.

    Matt Hensley, US

    Anger. It is strange though, that we hardly hear any protests from angry Muslims when radical Islamists urge people to use terrorism in order to promote their goals.

    Dag, Sweden/Bangladesh

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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