No UK troops for Lebanon mission

With thousands of its troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Britain is unlikely to be able to provide a contingent for the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, its UN ambassador has said.

    Britain's resources are stretched because of other deployments

    "There's a discussion taking place at this moment in London. In terms of deployment of troops, we just do not have any spare troops, because we're heavily involved in Iraq and especially in Afghanistan," Emyr Jones Parry said on Wednesday.


    "We are looking at what else can be made available," he told reporters, and said that he expected Britain to make some sort of offer at talks at the United Nations on Thursday focusing on the force and its composition.


    "We'd be very much wanting to play a part ... As a minimum in terms of fixed assets, what [British bases in] Cyprus can offer through the southern base areas is already playing a role, and we expect that role to continue."


    France is expected to lead the 15,000-strong force, which is due to deploy in southern Lebanon along with a similar sized Lebanese army presence as Israeli troops withdraw.



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