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Below is a small selection of reader comments about the Lebanese crisis.

    I am very shocked about the Israeli terrorist attack of a whole nation, killing 600 and wounding innocent civilians because of two captured Israeli soldiers. I call all politicians: Make Israel and the USA stop that war immediately and help Lebanon.


    - Sabine, Germany



    Has everyone posting here gone mad? Do they not understand the political role played by Hezbollah in Lebanon? Ask any Lebanese; they'd rather have Hezbollah, an efficient and uncorrupt military, guarding their homes than the rotten Lebanese army. At this point, Israel certainly has a right to exist, but at the same time Lebanon - not to mention Palestine - has a right to exist.


    Two soldiers are kidnapped and Israel bombs Lebanon back into the third century? That doesn't seem like the behaviour of one sovereign state towards another. This is yet another ploy to gain hegemonic control in the region by the US's puppet government, Israel. Arab countries of all varieties have been positioned as sub-standard, uncivilised holes, which they are not. Beirut and Baghdad have been - though they may not be again - bustling, advanced hubs of civilisation. Wake up and stop watching so much CNN, people.


    - Sean Corbin, US



    War is a dirty business. But even wars have rules. These are known as the Geneva Conventions. Is Israel never going to be called to account for its war crimes? Collective punishment of a whole people, bombing infrastructure like power stations are clear war crimes. There can be no debate about this.

    - Segaran, UK



    What I find extremely hard to understand is how the US government and its puppets from around the world can sit around and declare that Israel has the "right" to defend itself. What other "rights" are we missing here? How about human rights and the severe loss of civilian life, and destruction of the civilian infrastructure?


    Israel is in clear violation of numerous international human rights law. And for all those people who try to justify Israel's acts under self-defence, you should be ashamed of yourself.


    - Nadia N, Australia



    The reason Israel rejected the call for a 72-hour truce was because Hezbollah would have re-armed their stock of rockets.


    - Angela, UK



    Lebanon proves that all Israeli governments have never learnt anything about the psychology, culture, and will of the Lebanese people. Facing Israel state terrorism and the ugliness of killing innocent civilians, Lebanese support for Hezbollah is growing bigger and bigger. The Lebanese, although rich with different sectors and religions stand together united against Israel.


    - Mohd Obeid, UAE



    It seems everything is going as per Uncle Sam's plan - the plan for a new Middle East and a new American century. The attack against Lebanon was all planned and they were waiting for the right chance to hit. It is very unfortunate that the world just keep watching and counting the number of deaths.


    - Shaheen, UAE



    Israel must leave the Shebaa farms to either Lebanon or Syria and then peace will be possible for their country. Possibly Hezbollah could then be disarmed in southern Lebanon because it would not have a reason for continuing its military wing's existence.


    - Adam, US



    Israelis have been bombarded from Lebanon for years. I can see why they want to stop this, what would you do? I feel that Hezbollah has kidnapped the entire country of Lebanon and the innocents are now bearing the pain of retaliation from an adversary that has the right to defend itself.


    Hezbollah's leaders talk about expanding the war. One should be cognisant of the simple fact that a line could be crossed that opens the door to all-out war. If this should happen, no one wins and all lose ... Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon all prove that violence only begets more violence.


    - Albert, US



    Has Israeli brutality succeeded in uniting Shia and Sunni, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda? If so, a truly formidable enemy has been born, one which may yet prove too powerful to defeat militarily.


    - Gary J Byrnes, Ireland



    Syria is the key to peace? This is a perfect example of flawed Middle Eastern thinking. Syria and Iranian support terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas who are the reason for this ongoing fighting. Syria and Iran fan the flames of hatred daily. Wake up citizens of the Middle East - Syria and Iran want war with Israel, they just use these groups to do their dirty work instead of their own military. How cowardly is this?


    - D Cantril, US



    Iran and Lebanon should pay Israel for the damage caused by the war started by their reckless actions. It is clear that Lebanon and Iran attacked Israel and have rained missiles down on their towns and civilians. Both rogue states should be held accountable for this illegal and unprovoked attack.


    - William L Donlon, New York, US



    The Syrian invasion had brought disastrous results on Lebanon. Courageously, the Lebanese had made it to send them away after the remarkable rehabilitation of the country. Now the Syrians, with Iranian money and Shia passion threaten Lebanon cunningly. Lebanon should stick to its independence and liberty. It can do much better alone, without the Syrians and their long Hezbollah arm, which should be chopped.


    - David from Jerusalem, Israel

    Maybe it's time for the Arabic nations, with support of European countries, to launch a plan to support the Lebanese army, regain control of south Lebanon and kick both of the two fighting groups out of Lebanon.

    - Willem, Netherlands

    Hezbollah in Lebanon should not be disarmed - it's not practical given their political role. They should be integrated with the Lebanese army and used to train them in asymmetric resistance/fighting. Everyone now knows the cost of an attack on a sovereign state by an organisation that is not fully controlled by and answerable to its host country.

    - Tom Brown, US

    I think a demilitarised zone manned by an international force should be established on both sides of, and along, the border of Israel and Lebanon.

    - William Phanstiel, US

    Recognise Israel's right to exist. Hezbollah must recognise Israel's right to exist and end its terrorist ways before peace can be achieved. Without that, world support for Israel will continue to be strong.

    - Stephen, Canada

    There is no doubt that the White House has the largest clout in the Middle East, it would have been hoped that it would have used this immense power and influence positively to broker a peace pact or ceasefire between the two rival groups.

    UN resolution 1559 is supposed to effected by the UN, and not singly by a state power - Israel. This is a gross violation of the corporate resolution of sovereign states of the UN.

    Israel must as a matter of principle withdraw from Lebanon and the West Bank.

    - Freddie, Zambia

    It's saddening - the Israeli occupation in Lebanon and the world is just watching like that.

    - Tawane, Kenya

    Now what is it with the UN? As long as the UN avoids taking decisions, its purpose in the world puzzles me. It was not heard after the report of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now four are killed, this war started because of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped, now what?

    - Luis Jimenez, Ecuador

    It is my profound belief that it was Israel that started all the present crises. Israel knows from its intelligence sources that Hezbollah in Lebanon is getting stronger and getting rockets from Syria and Iran. So as not to give Hezbollah, a chance to get powerful and cement its position, Israel created an atmosphere to attack legitimately and destroy. They are shooting with one arrow two birds - Hamas and Hezbollah.

    - Dhamu Chodavarapu

    I'm ashamed of my government, whom the majority of Americans did not vote for. For that Rice to get in front of the cameras and make excuses for not stopping Israel's killing is sickening. It shows who the real terrorists  are - US and Israel.

    - Vanessa Gray, US

    American intelligence and stupidity: This may not apply to the US population, but it is definitely applicable to the administration of the day. There's a saying in the East which when translated would mean, "intelligence that cannot be followed, and stupidity that cannot be taught".

    This applies aptly to those in power there in the US. They should have learnt by now that democracy cannot be forced on to people, it should come from training and education and not by political directives from the top.

    The US refuses to accept this. That is stupidity and not teachable. I wonder how the US public was conned into voting for the Republicans. That is US intelligence conning the public and cannot be followed. Yes?

    - Mike, London, UK

    Since when, and I mean when, does killing civilians count as defending your country?

    Israel "has no higher responsibility than to protect its citizens". What are you on, Rice?

    Does that count for the thousands of innocent Palestinians who die a year through

    Israel's military campaigns? Is this the US policy on national security? If their actions

    worldwide are anything to go by, then I'd say yes.

    And the terms she laid down for the Lebanese people, what a joke. Why did she even go

    to Lebanon? Please. I think it's quite clear who the US are going to back,

    and it's quite clear that even more Arabic people will go without justice.

    - Brendan, Australia

    All Arab countries should be careful of the talk by Hezbollah to expand war. The old saying goes: "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."

    If other countries get involved, be sure that the Middle East will be destroyed.

    - M Clem, Canada

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