OIC to discuss Lebanon, Gaza

The organisation of the Islamic conference has confirmed it will hold an emergency meeting in Malaysia next week to discuss the situation in Lebanon and Gaza.

    The meeting has been called in response to the crisis in Lebanon and Gaza

    Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the secretary-general of the Saudi-based body, said the meeting of the executive committee of the 57-member OIC will take place in Kuala Lumpur on August 3.

    He said the meeting was called by the current OIC chair Malaysia "in view of the unrelenting Israeli assault on Gaza and Lebanon and the dangerous escalation of tension in the Middle East".

    He condemned the "ruthless Israeli operations targeting innocent civilians" in Gaza and Lebanon and urged the UN security council to seek an immediate ceasefire.

    He also said that "a comprehensive approach to the solution of the problems of the Middle East, taking into consideration all relevant UN security council resolutions, not only 1559" was needed.

    Resolution 1559 calls for the Lebanese group Hezbollah to be disarmed.








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