Maradona's no show

Argentinean great Diego Maradona did not enter the stadium for his nation's quarter final against Germany after one of his entourage was refused entry.

    Maradona and minder

    FIFA spokesman Markus Siegler said Maradona had been given four tickets for the VIP area for the match, but a fifth member of his group was not given a ticket because he had behaved aggressively at previous matches.

    "His delegation was told that one person was not getting a ticket because this person had behaved in an unacceptable way, sometimes becoming aggressive," Siegler said.
    "If he does not want to accept it, we regret it.
    "We always try to find tickets for Maradona for matches, even when he pops up at the last minute, but yesterday one person with him was not coming in."
    Maradona has been a high-profile visitor to World Cup matches and has been doing commentary work for a Spanish TV station.
    He has been accompanied at matches by numerous other people including a bodyguard as well as his daughter and ex-wife.



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