India: Terror timeline

Following are the five biggest terror attacks suffered by India:

    At least 183 people were killed in blasts that hit Mumbai trains

    ATLANTIC OCEAN, June 23, 1985: All 329 passengers aboard a New Delhi-bound Air India plane are killed when a bomb explosion causes it to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, in the world's most deadly pre-9/11 terror attack. Sikh extremists were blamed.

    MUMBAI, March 12, 1993: At least 250 people die and over 700 are wounded in a series of bombs at the stock exchange and elsewhere in the city. Mumbai's underworld criminal gangs were blamed.

    MUMBAI, Aug 25, 2003: Almost 60 are killed and 150 are wounded as two almost simultaneous car bombs explode in a packed shopping district and a popular tourist site. Muslim extremists were blamed.

    NEW DELHI, Oct 29, 2005: Sixty-six people are killed and over 200 wounded in three blasts that tear through markets in the capital. The attacks are claimed by an obscure Kashmiri separatist group which some analysts say is probably a front for the larger and better known Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba.

    MUMBAI, July 11, 2006: At least 183 people are killed and over 600 wounded as seven rush-hour bomb blasts hit commuter trains and stations in Mumbai. No group has claimed responsibility nor any blamed.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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