Comments: US has to choose

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Soumaya Ghannoushi's editorial "US has to choose: Israel or the Middle East".

    Have the voices of billions of people stopped the Iraq war? Why do Muslim nations keep silent? I think because no one is prepared to exercise self-defence. Any country that is not prepared to defend itself has to face the consequences ...


    If Israel is threatening any country in the Middle East, then why don't other Middle Eastern countries react with force? All religions instruct the followers to rise against the wrongdoing.

    Rocky, India


    It is always easier to see the world as black and white; in this case a choice between Israel and the Muslims would be obvious.


    However, in the real world the picture is not as simple as you [the writer] portray it. For example for Muslims, Israel is the only point that they can all agree on. I think if Israel never existed, the Middle East would be worse off, because Iran and the Shia would attack the Sunni and a sectarian blood bath would be the only result.


    One must forget that Saudi Arabia, it does very little to aid the plight of any of its neighbours (be it Iraq or Palestine).


    Furthermore you forget to mention that Hezbolla has an annual budget of $1 million from Iran.

    V David, Hungary


    I totally agree. The US needs to mind its damn business. We have enough problems right here in America.

    M Jackson, US


    If the choice is between Israel and most of the other Middle East, I choose Israel. The rest of the Middle East is hostile, violent, and unreasonable people. This is how many Americans view you. You have greatly hurt your own cause.

    Jon, US


    So what is the Middle East? Choose between middle centuries Islamic dictatorships or modern 21st-century democracy?


    By your open support of the satanic cult of Hezbollah, you clearly open the door for the Middle East to go back to the stone age.
    Thomas D Secher, Denmark


    I wonder how many Muslims and Arab civilians are being killed every month by the US and its allies. I think it is worth putting such indicator and publish its results regularly in Arab and Muslim media.
    Hassan, Morocco


    In order to bring peace to the Middle East and Arab world, the US and its allies should stop supporting Israel.
    Atayi Musa Oyibo, Nigeria


    As the Iranian president has said; take all the Jews out of Israel and bring them to Europe. And take all the Muslims out of Europe and bring them back to where Israel is now, and everybody will be happy.
    Martin, Netherlands

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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