Klose wins Golden Shoe

Germany striker Miroslav Klose has claimed the Golden Shoe for the World Cup with five goals.

    Miroslav Klose (l) with coach Jurgen Klinsmann

    The 2002 runner up for most goals in the World Cup Finals tournament scored twice in the 4-2 win over Costa Rica, twice against Ecuador and once in the quarter-final against Argentina.

    Eight players each scored three goals.

    They were: Hernan Crespo of Argentina, Fernando Torres of Spain, Thierry Henry of France, Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina, Lukas Podolski  of Germany, Brazil's Ronaldo, David Villa of Spain and Zinedine Zidane of France.

    *See the aljazeera.net story "Suitors line up for Golden Boot"


    to see how our pre-tournament predictions went. 



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