Blatter a diver

FIFA President Sepp Blatter who has rallied against simulation and diving has admitted to using the same tricks during his playing days.

    Sepp Blatter (r): Not a perfect player

    The former striker, who only ever played in the amateur ranks, believes he understands the motivation of the players involved.

    "I was not a perfect player, I have to say, being a striker," the FIFA President told CNN.
    "A striker cannot be a perfect player. I also argued with the referee but I tried to argue in a polite manner, but I tried also to get some advantages by jockeying with a player and then falling down by saying 'but he touched me.' And in fact it was not that. I did it."

    The pre-tournament plea to players to resist diving and simulation has done very little, with this tournament considered the worst for such theatrics.

    The 70 year old believed the problems stemmed from frustration.

    "I think that all players - especially attacking players - they do it because you go into the 18-yard area and then you lose the ball because somebody takes it away.
    "You are frustrated, and then in the frustration you do two things, either you try to get the ball back and then you commit a foul or then you say 'but he touched me,' and then you fall down."



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