Comments: A way out of the Gaza crisis

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Arthur Neslen's editorial A way out of the Gaza crisis.

    Bless those who do an effort to help this poor area; but get Rabbis and Kaddis out of the political negotiations.

    Yoshua Sebag, Israel


    Soldiers from all over the world are getting kidnapped and killed every day, but it does not give any county the right to attack a sovereign nation before trying to work it through diplomacy, or at least have a full investigation.

    Tim, US


    As soon as Israel moved out of Gaza, thousands of Iranian rockets moved in. What would you do if your people were being killed and terrorised by daily rocket attacks from across your border? The UN peace accords have been violated by Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Mike Laughlin, US


    As an American, I am appalled at the hypocritical stance of the US. If, for example, Mexicans forcibly took over California stating that they were there first, Americans would be up in arms and fight to the last person to take it back.


    I am pleasantly surprised that there is at least one Jewish citizen, Froman, who has the backbone to admit what the true problem is and to take action to resolve it. As an American, I support the groups who are fighting for their property back, but I still have hope that the Israeli government will change its position and give reparations to all those it has harmed.

    Mark Page, US


    If only the rest of the media would see through their shadowy lenses and portray the truth for a change, things might improve for the people of the Middle East dramatically and especially the Palestinian peoples and their new-found neighbours, the Israelis.

    Noor Dean, Australia


    This story proves that the Israeli administration is blocking all efforts to achieve peace with the Palestinians and that Israelis deep in their hearts and minds do not want to give up Gaza and the West Bank through negotiations.
    Taha Mokhtar, Lebanon


    I think the political stance of my country, the UK, sitting on our hands and closing our eyes to the atrocities in Gaza is disgusting.

    Mark Sedgwick, UK


    I enjoyed the article by Arthur Neslen. It gives me hope that Palestinians and Israelis might one day live in peace as neighbours. There is a saying: "The earth does not belong to us we belong to the earth."
    Peter, US

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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