Ronaldo keen for more goals

Brazil striker Ronaldo was elated to have broken German Gerd Muller’s long standing World Cup goal scoring record with his fifth minute effort against Ghana taking his tally to 15 goals in 3 tournaments.

    Ronaldo: The Phenomenon

    "I'm very happy with the result, and with breaking the record - but we win as a team. I get goals and on we go," grinned the 29-year-old Real Madrid star.


    Criticised for his weight problems and lethargy at the start of the tournament, the 2002 golden boot winner is looking like his old self with three goals in the last two matches.


    "The record had stood for seven World Cups so I am naturally very pleased to beat it," smiled Ronaldo.


    "I want more and more and more!"


    Ghana were stunned by the marksman’s opening goal and struggled to recover.


    "It's tough to play against such teams as Ghana - we really had to sweat for it. We made a big effort - every Brazilian player gave his all.


    "We will have to do the same in the next game," warned the number nine.


    Brazil will now face France in the quarter finals in Frankfurt on Saturday.


    "I'll now just have to keep on scoring to fire us to another title," said Ronaldo.


    "I'm out to show what I can still do and I'm sure there's going to be a big party in Brazil for our supporters."


    In Brazil, German Mueller saluted the new record holder.


    "Even before the tournament started, it was obvious that he would get at least two goals and draw level, if not three and set a new record. It wasn't a surprise," the 60-year-old told the FIFA World Cup official website.


    "Although Ronaldo is now in his third World Cup, this is nevertheless still a great achievement on his part. Playing at such a high level over such a long period of time, always managing to be fit at the right moment is unusual nowadays.

    "In my opinion, he's the best, most complete attacker there is at the moment," the 1974 World Cup winner said.


    "Brazil need Ronaldo, they haven't got anyone quicker than him up front.

    "He wasn't on top of his game in the first two matches, but against Japan, he could have got about five goals," said the man dubbed 'Das Bomber'.



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